With just 1000 movies and a small space in the back of the Bledsoe Building, Orbit DVD opened its doors in October 2003. Owner Marc McCloud is a fan of horror movies and Spaghetti Westerns, but from day one his philosophy has always been to carry what the customer wants to see (within reason). Because of this, Orbit DVD is bigger than ever, now stocking over 25,000 titles and outlasting every other corporate video store.

Marc's other philosophy is “adapt or die,” and as West Asheville grew in popularity, Orbit DVD has changed to accommodate the needs of the neighborhood. You can now buy or rent every movie, and the store has a loyal fanbase that take advantage of the subscription plans every month. Orbit is known around Western North Carolina for its disc repair service. The store also buys and sells comics, movies, video games and console systems. Recently added are t-shirts, toys and phone accessories.

With all the changes Orbit DVD is still a video store at heart, and hundreds of new customers a month are rediscovering the joys of physically renting a